Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dylan's 4th

We went to Dylan's 4th birthday party on Saturday. It was a blast. Darcy would be perfectly content if she could play outside all day every day. The weather was perfect. Dylan had a Toy Story party. We had Pizza from Pizza Planet. We also had Cake and Pinatas.

Darcy has great cousins. They are always willing to share their toys with Darcy. Here she is on Dylan and Derek's 4-Wheeler.

Dylan is showing off his flying skills with his brand new "Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack"

Dylan and Derek were playing in the sand. They stopped just long enough for me to snap a picture.

Grace, Darcy, and I were loving the party. We had to get some pictures of the family.

Mommy, Darcy, and Candy necklace.

My baby girl and her Dad.


  1. Darcy and Daryl and Julia's sister Allison share the September 4th birthday! Cool!

  2. Okay.....dumb me. It was Dylan, and I bet the 4th wasn't his birthday. :-) I guess I can claim that my brain was a bit cluttered with wedding stuff....ha! Love you guys! ~Carol