Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin patch part 3

Darcy and her cousins, they are such cutie pies!

What a sweet heart!

Darcy on a tractor with her Papa

Here is our family on a tractor

Pumpkin Patch part 2

Darcy got to ride a tractor just her size.

Here is the one shot we got of her in her bow. As you can see the hand is up ready to pull it off.

Here she is rejecting her bow. Her first act of rebellion, to be followed by many more I am sure!

Darcy with Gran and Papa

Darcy and her great grandparents

Pumpkin Patch part 1

We met Gran, Papa, Amanda, and the boys today at the pumpkin patch. We picked up Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bob on the way.

Darcy loved being outside and looking at all of the new toys.

The scarecrow didn't bother her one bit.

Sometimes she likes to pose for the camera.

She LOVES her Gran.

The pumpkins were very interesting to her.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

State Fair of Texas

We went to the State Fair of Texas this weekend. It was Darcy's first trip, and I think she enjoyed it.

Got to get a picture by BIG TEX!

The foods not cheap, but every nacho was shaped like the state of Texas, so it was well worth the tickets.

We found an elephant. It was big.

Darcy doesn't like anything on her head (hats, bows, etc.) so we had to be fast when taking this picture.

This was the original BIG TEX. We had Darcy all strapped in. She doesn't respect "do not touch" signs.

Luke's Birthday Party

We went to our friend Luke’s 2nd birthday party at Cabela’s . We had a great time looking at all the stuffed animals. My favorite part was the cake of course!

The birthday boy enjoying his ice cream!

Lee and Darcy posing with Troy and Derek.

Darcy is checking out that ice cream on Dylan's face and wishing she could get in on that action.

Darcy getting a closer look at the animals.

Here is our family with a polar bear, it was scary!

How about them Cowboys

This was the first Cowboys game of the season, back when all hope was not lost. We were so excited for the upcoming football season. Through the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly, our family will remain die hard Cowboys fans!