Sunday, August 29, 2010

With Grace being so busy with school starting I am going to throw a blog post up. We took some super cute pictures of Darcy the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share.

There are some perks to mom having a special classroom. This is a picture of Darcy in her mom's swing at school. She loves to be pushed around and entertained by me while her Mom works hard planning lessons and doing work around her classroom.

This weekend Darcy went to her friend Paxton's birthday party. He gave her a rattle in her goodie bag. At first Darcy didn't think much of it, but soon she realized that she could shake it and make noise. Now she is a big fan. She will go from using it as a rattle, to treating it like an ice cream cone, back to a rattle again. It’s tough to beat a toy this fun.

The next two are bath pics. Darcy loves the bath tub. I had to get a couple of shots, she smiles so much when she splashes herself (and her dad)

Darcy is so happy to have an audience. Her mom and dad both bathed her tonight.
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