Monday, March 29, 2010

Illinois Trip

We just returned home from our trip to Illinois, we were visiting my sister and her family. On the way up there we stopped in St Louis. My wonderful husband discovered they have an H&M in the St. Louis mall and I have been dying to go there. It is similar to Forever 21, trendy, funky clothes that are not that expensive. Darcy and I loved it! She was smiling and laughing as soon as we got in the store, it could have something to do with the fact she had been stuck in her car seat all day. I had fun shopping. I just found a couple of things but it will be cool to have some H&M pieces in my closet. Dallas should really get one! Props to my sweetheart for stopping in, it was all his idea, I am so lucky to have him.

I had to take this picture for my fellow Twilight followers. It is a town called Edwardsville. It is kind of stupid but I thought it was funny.

Okay this photo caused an argument between Lee and I. I was driving and was really nervous about driving in St. Louis and not knowing where I was going. He kept snapping pictures. Finally I screamed, "Stop taking pictures and help me!" To which he replied "Just one more" He ended up with this money shot of the St. Louis Arch.

Here is another shot of the arch.

Yet another shot of the arch. Can you see why I was getting frustrated?

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  1. Hi Grace! I love reading your blog and seeing your daughter growing up...she's so cute!

    I can relate to driving in St. Louis! It's scary, and we just did the exact same trip you guys did when we went to see Ashley and Daniel in Washington, IL back in Feb. That's a very long drive, isn't it!!

    ~Phyllis Crouch