Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days

How crazy is all the snow we have gotten? I have never seen so much snow in this area in all my life! Lee and I got stir crazy sitting in the house waiting for the snow to clear. We finally ventured out on Friday afternoon to go to Lee's parents house to see the massive snowman Travis built. We got a few pictures of Darcy in the snow. It was her first snow and maybe the biggest she will see in a long time. I love living in Texas so I don't have to deal with all this snow (expect for rare occasions) it is a big pain! I am wishing for some spring weather.

Darcy is not the biggest fan of the snow, maybe when she gets older she'll like it more.

Here is Darcy, Uncle Travis and his huge snowman. I don't know how he even made that!

Lee, Darcy and I had to pose for a picture by the snowman.

Darcy and I stayed where it was dry and made Lee get out and take a picture of us.

So much snow, I can't believe it!

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